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History Behind Your Cuppa: Part 2

   In our last post, we delved into the early history of tea. Over today’s cuppa Good Sir, we’ll find out how the tea of the time (bitter and unpleasant by today’s standards) evolved into a more palatable and revered beverage.    Picking up where we left off, we’ll look back to China in 960 AD. Tea prior to this point was processed by charring and later moving into steaming leaves, then forming the mush into a dense, tarry brick of extremely condensed and bitter tea. The preparation and consumption of the beverage was still highly ritualistic and reserved only for royalty and the elite. Tea gardens and farms were owned by the state and highly controlled. Tea Plantation  ...

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The History Behind Your Cuppa: Part 1

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes stare in your morning cuppa Good Sir and wonder how those pale-brown, gnarled and soggy leaves ended up in front of you. Where did this mug of heaven come from? Why are we drinking the brew of these leaves instead of the ones from the oak tree out front? Why is waking up in the morning (and staying awake through the day) made so much easier with a few leaves, hot water, a cup and five minutes? Camellia sinensis is known across English-speaking countries by its shorter, and more common name- Tea. The second most widely consumed beverage in the world (behind water), tea has become a staple of 158 million Americans’ daily...

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